Our Story

At Humble Hearts Bakery, redefining vegan eating is our mission, and crafting delectable baked goods and desserts is our passion.

Established in 2015 in LA 

 Humble Hearts Bakery creates incredible desserts crafted from the finest gluten-free grains and dairy free ingredients, with a focus on whole plant foods and zero refined sugars.   As small business ourselves, we are dedicated to locally sourced ingredients – a decision that both supports other local businesses as well as reduces our overall carbon footprint.

Humble Hearts Bakery is committed to crafting incredible vegan foods that will delight every palette.  While specifically creating vegan baked goods that honor individuals with dietary requirements and health-focused intentions alike, Humble Hearts Bakery proudly presents desserts and sweets that will thrill every customer who enters our shop.

While committed to whole plant and healthy ingredients is part of our mission, our goal is to create incredible baked goods – period.  At Humble Hearts Bakery, we don’t believe our desserts are incredible despite being vegan – we believe our creations are incredible because they are vegan.  We are passionate about changing the way people think about healthy eating and vegan foods.  

And so, we welcome you to Humble Heart Bakery.  May your heart stay humble, your spirit stay light, and your desserts be delicious.  Thank you for taking this journey with us.